How to Get Rid of Possums in Your Garage? (and Other Places)

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It’s annoying to see Possums in your garage? And their claws look horrifying.

However, they don’t pose any harm to humans but it’s better to get rid of possums from your garage.

Let’s get started:

How to Get Rid of Possums in Your Garage?

If possums are visiting your garage in search of food then you can stop them easily by covering your garage door with fences.

If they have built a nest in your garage, keep the lights on your garage for a whole day. It’ll deter them easily.

Possums are nocturnal animals. They come out at night and like to live in hollow spaces like your garage, under your basement, and attic.

How to Get Rid of Possums in Your Garage?
How to Get Rid of Possums in Your Garage?

#1- Keep Your Garage Clean

Possum loves dirty places like drainage systems, garbage cans, etc. It’s one of their main food sources.

Keeping your garage clean and avoiding unnecessary furniture, it’ll make them go find another food source.

Also, try to clean your garage once a month. It’ll not only deter possum, but it’ll deter other pests like spiders, flies, and rodents like mice, etc.

#2- Don’t place an Open Garbage Can

An open garbage can is one of the main reasons that a possum might be visiting your home. Using a tight lid to cover the can will leave this opossum searching for another food source out of your house.

#3- Using a Fence in Your Garage

Fencing your garage properly will make sure possum avoids your house garage. A tin or GI fence is recommended at least 1.5 m tall from the ground.

Possums can jump about 1m and can climb brick walls and wooden fences. That’s why using a 1.5m GI/tin fence is recommended by many wildlife experts.

#4- Keep Lights on

Possums are nocturnal and they come out at night only. Keeping your lights on for one or two nights will make sure that this rodent stays away from your house.

#5- Using Other Deterrents

You can complement these measures with other ways to dissuade a marauding possum on the hunt for food, water, and shelter.

A motion-sensor light preferably with an alarm will startle the animals and make your yard less inviting.

You can also set up a motion-sensing sprinkler to give the possums a blast of cold water to keep them out of your garden or other areas within your yard. 

We like this option the best when using these types of devices. Wildlife will soon learn that security light or siren isn’t a threat to them. You may scare them off a few times, but they’ll figure it out over time.

Then, you’re back at square one.

Alternatively, you can try moving them to other parts of your yard to keep that scare factor in your favor.

Another option is to use decoys like coyotes. Our advice is to get one that moves to continue to fool them.

Mixing it up puts you in control of your pest problem. The transient nature of possums makes it an effective way to optimize the use of deterrents. Their lifestyle makes it easy to implement and use.

We’d also suggest using a variety of methods. The more you use, the better. The adaptable nature of possums will nudge them to look for easier pickings away from your yard.

If you want to trap or shoot the possum, use prevention methods too. It doesn’t matter to the local population how the pest was eliminated.

The result will likely follow this path with another animal invading your land next.

Other places Possums can hide

If you’re thinking about a possum that may have been in your house but you find it difficult to identify them. Some of the other places are where possum may live are:

#1- In Your Attic

Let’s see how many of you visit your attic once a week-month-year? The number is very least and how many clean the attic properly? That’s like none of us.

Possums are like a place that is hollow, least visited by humans or other rodents. Your attic is the best place where possum can live.

If you’re hearing sounds from your attic or roof, then there is a possum in your house.

To remove them you can seal the attic properly and leave your cat in the attic. Use possum repellents in your attic.

#2- In Your Yard

The next place they a possum may visit is your yard. They are looking for food and if you’ve got a backyard garden then it’s their buffet.

Ripen fruits fallen from trees, garden snails and snakes are some of their favorite foods.

You can protect your yard by proper fencing, cleaning the garden, and trimming down tree branches. You can also use repellents, dog urine, and motion sensor lights.

#3- Under your house

Under deck and the outdoor patio is one of the main choices for a possum to live.

You can deter them with strong smells of mothballs, etc. After that seal the bottom part of your patio furniture, basement wooden areas, etc. It’ll deter opossum or possum the most.

#4- Under Your RV

Rodents like possum love to live under trailers, if they can get the leftover food from your RV. In the RVs other critters like rats, mice, live peacefully.

Before going out clean your RV properly especially under the trailer. Possum maybe hiding there or at least visiting the place in the night.

Does vinegar keep possums away?

Cleaning vinegar may help to keep possums away from your house or garbage can. However, it’s proven but it’s an effective trick to try out.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above methods will help you to get a possum out of your garage and other places like the attic, yard, garden, and RVs.

By scaring possums away from your house will keep your peace of mind and don’t have to worry about possums anymore.

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