Can Possums Climb Fences? (and How to Prevent it?)

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Opossums are native to North and South America while the possum is native to Australia.

They spend most of the day sleeping in hollows or similar refuges and emerge after sunset to forage for food.

They have short legs, with long claws and thumbs. They can easily climb wooden fences, brick walls, and trees.

In this article, we’re going to help you to prevent possum climbing fences or walls with the below 6 methods.

Can Possums Climb Fences?

Can Possums Climb Fences? Yes, possums can climb wooden fences easily with their sharp claws & thumbs. Their prehensile tails can be wrapped around branches and other things to stabilize the animal while climbing.

Can Possums Climb Fences?
Can Possums Climb Fences?

What attracts possums to your house?

Possums are very attractive to odorous trash cans, uncovered compost heaps, or other containers that you may have outside.

They like to build their nest around sewers or dirty places like dustbins and eat small insects.

If you live in an area where garbage cans are near your house or the sewers/drainage system is just another side of the road, then opossum may visit your backyard at night for food.

How to Know You Have Possums

Possum/opossum make high pitch noises when they were threatened. When they walk, they’re very silent.

But you can be sure if there are scratch marks on your garbage or on the outside of your house. They also came into your backyard for a small rodents like mice, small garden snakes, insects, snails, etc.

How do I keep Possums off my fence?

Possum visits your place because of food. If they get food at your place they’ll keep coming. Remove all the food sources like garbage cans, garden compost, and keep your garden clean.

#1- Use Fences

Possums can only jump about 1m high and cannot climb sheer walls, so a 1.5m tin fence will help keep possums out. Adding a fresh GI layer on your wooden fence will keep them coming back.

Plus galvanized iron is waterproof so no more rusting problem. It’s the best alternative to tin fences but will cost a little more.

#2- Opossum Repellents

There are numerous products on the market targets repelling these wild animals. However, these generally offer little relief.

Other possum control methods include the use of motion-activated sprinkler systems, which can startle the creatures and frighten them off.

Possums can’t stand pungent smells. So the stinkier, the better! Mothballs, Camphor, Garlic, Onion, Fish smell are the ones that possum hates the most.

#3- Keep Your Garden Clean

Overgrown trees and shrubs should be pruned. Brush piles and similar debris should be removed. Fallen fruit from trees should be kept clean.

Possums love garden snails, flies, insects, and snakes a lot. All of them hide in your dirty garden.

#4- Use Garbage Can with Lid

Garbage cans should have tight-fitting lids and pet food should not be left out at night. Always try to close the lid properly after sunset.

Not only this can remove opossum but also deter other rodents.

Leaving pet food outside the house will attract other critters like possums. So it’s better to close the lid properly and if you can store them in the garage.

#5- Use Extra Yard Lighting

Possums are nocturnal. That means they only come out when it is dark outside, and they use the shadows to hide and keep themselves protected.

Using motion sensor lights near the garden compost and garbage can will deter this critter at night easily. These two places are the most loved by opossums.

Final Thought

We hope that you found this article helpful! Possums can climb a wall or wooden fence easily and they will do so in search of food.

By removing all the food sources from your backyard will keep them out of your place unless they are living in your attic or basement.

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