Will a Skunk Chase You? (and What You Should Do?)

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Will a Skunk chase a person?

Yes, that’s the question we found on Reddit. Is it possible?

When researching about this post we found that a skunk can spray when threaten to its death.

Let’s find out:

Will a Skunk Chase You?

Skunks are shy and peaceful animals. If there is a predator nearby a skunk den, then the skunk will change the den. When threatened, skunks can spray as a natural defense. Spraying is the last resort, most of the time skunks hide or ran off to their den.

However, there is news of Rabid skunks will bite and even chase people into a building, clawing at doors. After that, you’ve to go through rabies injections which are painful as stated in the statement.

It’s better to protect your lawn or yard from skunks and here’s how to prevent skunks from climbing fences or walls.

Are skunks aggressive to humans?

Skunks are not aggressive and won’t harm humans unless they are threatened, according to The Humane Society. Skunks are nocturnal and forage for food while most animals and humans sleep.

What to do if a skunk approaches you?

If a skunk is approaches you, it’s means you’re near his den. It’s better to slowly move from that place and go away from there. Most of the time skunks don’t attack you and by moving away, they get time to relocate or run.

Warning Symptom of Skunk Spray

The skunk will give a warning that it’s about to spray by arching its back, raising its tail high in the air, turning its back toward the enemy, and stomping its front feet. If the skunk no longer sees you as a threat, it will probably stand down and exit the scene rather than spraying.

What to do after Skunk Spray?

Mix together one quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, ½ cup of baking soda, and one teaspoon of dish soap or laundry detergent. With gloved hands (and a sponge or washcloth), scrub the victim’s fur and/or skin thoroughly with the mixture.

How to avoid skunk spray

If you see a skunk during the day, it should be easy to avoid getting sprayed. However, skunks are nocturnal, meaning they are more often active at night. That means that if you step out into your yard after dark, you may come upon a skunk unknowingly and unintentionally.

During the night, use the yard lights or use a high-powered flashlight (highly recommended product) before going out in your yard. It could be anything a raccoon, fox, skunk, or even a possum. So be prepared.

How far can a skunk spray? Skunks can project the spray at a distance of about 15 feet. The spray fluid, emitted as a fine stream have sufficient supply for five consecutive discharges.

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