10 Best Offset Smokers Under $300 (Updated 2019) Read This Now!!

- March 24, 2019
Did you know that choosing the right smoker offers the best cooking experience for fast and evenly cooked food? As such, why should you suffer when there are several good smokers and grills on the market with a very affordable price, from which you can choose from?

Offset smokers are metal frameworks that allow for barbecuing and other outdoor cooking of food over a transmitted heat, through induction from one chamber to another.
Best Offset Smokers  Under $300
Best Offset Smokers Reviews 2018
There is a massive variety of offset smokers, and with the countless number of offset smoker reviews, one is left drowning in a sea of choices, however, the following review of our top five picks should guide you to deciding what’s worth your money.

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Table of Contents

  • Quick Consideration List
  • Quick Comparison Table
  • Reviews of the Best Offset Smokers
  • Char-Broil American Gourmet Smoker
  • Dyna-Glo Charcoal Smoker
  • Char-Griller Offset Smoker
  • Pit Barrel Cooker Package
  • Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Charcoal
  • Conclusion

Quick Consideration List
The Char-Broil American Gourmet is the cheapest option we have featured in this list. The standard option features a 290 square inch of cooking surface in the main chamber and 140 square inch in the firebox chamber. If you need a bigger cooking surface and a better built quality, you can pick the Deluxe version instead.

​The second option you can consider is the Dyna-Glo Offset Smoker. It features a vertical design, about 1176 square inches of cooking area in total, from which 784 sq. in. are designed for smoking food and a built-in temperature gauge for easily temperature control. If you need a big cooking space, with lots of features and an overall great built quality, then this is the right product for you.

The ​Char-Griller Offset Smoker features about 830 square inches of total cooking space, with 580 sq. in. designed for the main chamber and 250 sq. in. for the firebox. It has a traditional Texas BBQ style design with cast iron cooking grates, adjustable temperature control and overall steel construction.

​The Pit Barrel Cooker is one of the top rated offset smokers online by many users. It comes as a cooking package for large and small scale cooking. The package includes 2 hanging rods, a grill grate, a charcoal basket, a hook remover and 8 stainless steel hooks. It doesn't require a lot of assembly because its unique design makes it simple to setup and use. This product has proved to provide consistently, impressive results with minimal hassle when compared to its competitors on the market.

​The last option to consider on this list is Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Charcoal Smoker. The main chamber features a 619 square inches of cooking space and the smoker chamber has about 281 sq. in. of space. It comes with Smokestack heat control system, so you can easily adjust the heat and smoke levels. Overall, it has a durable, sturdy build and shelves to help you keep your cooking accessories organized.

Quick Offset Smokers Comparison Table
Grill Name

Cooking Area


Price Range

Editor's Rating

Char-Broil American Gourmet

290 Square Inches

45 x 46 x 17.5 inches
(46.5 pounds)


Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D

784 Square Inches

47 x 34 x 20 inches
(57 pounds)


Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro

580 Square Inches

50 x 29 x 62 inches
(142 pounds)


Pit Barrel Cooking Package

324 Square Inches

22 x 33 x 22 inches
(64 pounds)


Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Highland

619 Square Inches

23 x 21 x 39 inches
(176 pounds)


Reviews of the Best Offset Smokers
Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker
Char-Broil American Gourmet
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​While there is an excess of grill smokers out there, the Char-Broil is no doubt the best offset smoker for smoking and grilling. Designed for the average family use, it is easy to use and comes with a highly excellent price.

It has a stable and sturdy build enhanced by its steel make and square legs. Char-Broil smoker also comes with cool touch handles and wheels to facilitate and necessitate easy movement.

It is well compacted to keep the smoke inside the cooking chambers and add flavor to your cooking. The smoke and the amounts of heat can be adjusted through its heat control and the adjustable chimney vent.

It comes with a 290 square inch main cooking chamber which is covered by a porcelain wire cooking grate. The firebox further offers a 140 sq. in. cooking surface which allows for indirect cooking through a smoke transmission. Either cooking chambers can be used for traditional charcoal grilling, but during smoking, the offset chamber should be utilized as the heat and smoke source.

Char-Broil smoker is lightweight, has a built-in thermometer, a built-in adjustable damper, and on top of using it, you get free recipes on its website.

Things We Liked

Two separate cooking chambers
It is easy to clean
Great value
Lightweight for easy movements
Things We Didn't Like

It doesn’t have an actual temperature control; one can only monitor it
Sometimes it leak along the seals
Requires frequent cleaning
Rotating your food is mandatory for even cooking
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Dyna-Glo Offset/Charcoal Smoker
Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical
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​Each offset smoker has a thing or two that makes it stand out, for the Dyna-Glo Charcoal Offset Smoker, you will enjoy its ease of use and the delicious cooking it delivers. It is designed with thick and durable quality materials and is installed with an inbuilt water pan and temperature gauge with a separate compartment for wood chips.

This Dyna-Glo offset smoker is among the unique smokers on the market offering vertical offsets, which are ideal for allowing heat and smoke to travel upwards and out through its chimney. With its design, it makes an affordable and an excellent cooker for grilling and smoking.

It comes with a firebox installed with a rotational air intake damper attached to the smoke chamber. Its insides is a charcoal, set up of a steel box coated with powder and a different bottom grate made of steel rods resting on a detachable ash tray.

Its chimney is adjustable and sits on top of 6 chrome plated height racks, which are customizable and are capable of holding up to 150 pounds of meat in total. That is a whopping 784 square inches of cooking space! Nonetheless, the smoke box and the firebox have doors and a handle for convenience. What else do you need for an army you're cooking for?

Additionally, it comes with a separate compartment for wood chips and meat hanging hooks.

Things We Liked

Its vertical smoke rack offers easy management and smoking of meat
It can cook a total of 150 pounds of meat at the same time
It has an incredible smoke infusion that doesn't involve one opening the main chamber and letting it out for some reason
Quick & easy to set up
Things We Didn't Like

Offers not much insulation which makes cooking at times difficult
Prone to heat leaks
Not ideal for brisket or big pork shoulders. You will have to remove a few of them for it to fit
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Char-Griller 1224 Smokin' Pro
Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro
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​Boasting a heavy- gauge powder coated steel build, Char-Griller, among the smoker reviews mitigates the rising demands of the Texas-style BBQ smoker. It has an excellent cooking space of a total of 830 square inches. The main cooking chamber makes 580 sq. in. while the packs 250 sq. in. and delivers excellent smoke flavors to your cooking.

Char-Griller comes with a grill of a non-sticky build with cast iron, which also prevents warping. The heat is controllable using adjustable dampers and an adjustable heat grate for hot, medium and warm temperatures with a gauge on the roof that lets you know the heat state. Should you be looking for a smoker with easy pan for ash dumping, Char-Griller is your smoker. It also allows easy cleaning after use.

The cooking racks on Char-griller can be slid out to allow the addition of charcoal while cooking and without having to remove the grill grates. The hood is airtight and doesn't allow leaking. Its additional features include wheels, which makes it ideal for movement, a shelf for warming, a rotisserie kit, a propane igniter as well as a couple of barbecue recipes. It has affordable value and a year's warranty for material or craftsmanship defects.

Things We Liked

It has an incredible performance and is highly cost-effective
It offers a large cooking surface
The smoker is versatile and can double well either as a grill and a smoker
Several useful features
Things We Didn't Like

This smoker's firebox is proprietary
Controlling its temperature can be sometimes quite challenging
The wheels can easily break if you are not careful
Some users have complained about its metal being thin
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Pit Barrel Cooker
Pit Barrel Cooker
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​Simple yet amazing, this smoker is worth your every penny and has been, among the many offset smoker reviews online, been voted as one of the best bargain smokers in the world. It has a porcelain coated steel drum build of 1 to 30 gallons, which are big enough for large-scale cooking. It also comes fixed with 8 stainless steel hooks, a wooden hook, a pair of steel hanging rods, one charcoal basket, a grill grate, a wooden hook remover and 1 to 3 point barrel stand.

Cooking with the Pit Barrel Cooker offers an amazing experience that incorporates both the best quality and slow smokers, to produce a well smoked and cooked meat. Unlike other smokers, the PBC package has been designed to allow shorter cooking periods, which do not need temperature regulations. It is portable and has a durable build.

It's versatility, and large cooking space allows one to cook different sizes of meat at once. You can even hang two full turkeys in it and cook without a problem! Have I mentioned that the steel grill grate could be used to search the meat steaks as well as let them cook at higher temperatures by removing the lid? Consequently, one can leave it on to add extra depth to your cooking.

It comes with a 30-day return period and a year's warranty.

Things We Liked

Comes ready for use after purchase
No need for water dampers as it accumulates moisture by itself
Versatile and sizeable for a variety of cooking
Easy and fast cooking times
Things We Didn't Like

If you are a temperature control enthusiast, this product isn't for you
Placing the meat on it can be quite a challenge. The rods need be put in a parallel position
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Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Charcoal Smoker
Oklahoma Joe's Highland
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The best grilling experience springs from having a smoker that is worth your money and has a sturdy and durable build. The Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe Highland is one such smoker, and it brings an all new experience in smoking, where there is a combination of 2 different cooking chambers for multiple options of cooking and heating. It boasts a total of 900 square inches of cooking space; 619 sq. in. in its main grilling room and 281 sq. in. in the smoker chamber. The main chamber is made of cast iron grates capable of turning your regular barbecue to a smoky flavored piece.

This smoker comes with multiple Smokestack systems that allow you to control the heat and ensure optimal temperatures and smoke are contained in the chamber. It is also accompanied by a side clean-out door for easy cleaning and fire management without having to open the main chamber's cover. Furthermore, apart from its large primary cooking chamber, it comes with an inbuilt thermometer for checking its heat state, a front, and bottom shelves for easy cleanup and also for flame adjustment. Its firebox allows extra items to be hung on the side.

Should you be looking into buying a smoker for first time grilling experience, then this Highland smoker, which is modestly priced, is a good place to start.

Things We Liked

Spacious for maximum grilling experience
It is strong and has a durable build
Comes with a stack system that ensures its efficiency
Easy to clean
Things We Didn't Like

It is relatively heavy
A little pricey than the first four
It doesn't have an adjustable coal grate for direct grilling
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​Choosing the right grill or smoker that best suits your needs has never been an easy task. Not with the wide variety of them on the market offering a myriad of features and coming in different sizes.

However, from our list of the best offset smokers, the Pit Barrel Cooking Package is the ideal pick for anyone out there. Why? Comparing its ease of use, the setup and the value, although not the cheapest, it offers much of an amazing grilling or smoking experience. Its self-regulatory temperature and the amount of space it avails makes it stand out among the five. Therefore, if you are looking for a user-friendly, portable and an affordable smoker, I would recommend you try it.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, then our second pick is ​the Dyna-Glo Vertical Smoker. It comes in a more affordable price point, has plenty of cooking space, built-in temperature gauge and an overall good build quality.
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